jane. by the grey attic
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issue one.

a beauty undone.

Issue one was produced independently and features 320 pages of analouge photographic work, art, editorial, and poems from contributors across 21 cities worldwide including: Massimo Leardini, Marta Bevacqua, Tyler Kent White, Pernille Sandberg, Fleur Bult, Anna Golovacheva, Chris Bernabeo, Greta Carroll, Cameron Hassard and Jordy Huinder. The issue also includes interviews with Marion Hume and Philip Fimmano and a review of Helmut Newton – A Retrospective (Amsterdam), in a feature that includes original works from the photographer.

Shot entirely on film, issue one of jane. is a dedication to the authentic, the artful, the timeless, and the real. To a simplicity strengthened by a normality that becomes meaningful in the light of its imperfections. To being hard and clear about what matters. To a beauty undone.

Dean Bell & Annika Hein
Founders, Creative Directors and Editors in Chief. 

Issue one contributors and collaborators included
Massimo Leardini Oslo, Norway
Cam Hassard Berlin, Germany
Marta Bevacqua Paris, France
Ebony Campbell Stylist California, USA
Fleur Bult Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kathryn Carter Melbourne, Australia
Pernille Sandberg Copenhagen, Denmark
Jordy Huinder Amsterdam, Netherlands
Christopher Bernabeo New York, USA
Lee Trigg London, UK
Marion Hume London, UK
Philip Fimmano Paris, France
Tyler Kent White Arizona, USA
Marta Bevacqua Paris, France
Anna Golovacheva Paris, France