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in conversation with artist Schalk van der Merwe on making art, darkness, and the divine

By Kathryn Carter

It’s strange to mourn a blossom that is yet to bloom. Even so, that’s what it feels like sometimes. In the shadow of the canvas, you avert your eyes from internal afflictions that have arisen, as if to actualise the promise of significant, albeit uncertain, things. Alone in the presence of his paintings you are unknowingly arrested by a newfound faith, one that may not have existed if it weren’t for his portraits’ insinuations to, and eradication of, seemingly harmless and yet equally hazardous expectations. At once immersed in a piercing silence, you are seized by a pure potential that would not be there had you not first experienced, and endured, an immeasurable pain. An awakening to atrocities still to be slain by ruthless authenticity…

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In conversation with artist Rosemarie Auberson

By Zsuzsanna Toth

Colours, too soft to give them a name. Shapes, bold and grounded, offering space for the wandering soul to rest upon. Swiss-born Paris-based artist Rosemarie Auberson’s paintings and illustrations are both simple and complex; they nourish the self by guiding without educating; they are mysterious, complex, challenging the eyes, evoking emotions. For me, they are segments of a universe I would like to engage with every day.

Being a contemporary painter means constantly investigating the balance between an artist’s soul and the maker’s tools. It also…