jane. by the grey attic
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issue two.

the strongest of the strange.

issue two is a dedication to bare souls and naked hearts. to the makers who believe without compromise in the power of art. to the ones who keep creating, who refuse to give in or give up. to the ones who wait patiently for 4 a.m., unrelenting in their dedication, all consumed by intuition.

to the odd ones, may you be many.
to the strongest of the strange.

Annika Hein & Dean Bell
Creative Directors and Editors in Chief. 

Issue two contributors and collaborators included

Atticus, Canada
Divya Bala, Paris, France
Karoliina Bärlund, London, UK
Christopher Bernabeo, New York, USA
Fleur Bult, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Kitty Callaghan, Sydney, Australia
Kathryn Carter, Melbourne, Australia
Alice Cavanagh, Paris France
Katrien De Blauwer, Antwerp, Belgium
Kym Ellery, Paris, France
Vanessa Friedman, New York, USA
Nikita Gill, London, UK
Cam Hassard, Berlin, Germany
Ashlee Hill, London, UK
Jordy Huinder, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Lola Kirke, New York, USA
Stanislava Pinchuk, Paris, France
Claudia Smith, Byron Bay, Australia
Christiane Spangsberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Sophie van der Perre, Amsterdam, Netherlands