JANE Resources

The themes and concepts explored in each print issue of JANE are expansive and monumental. To allow for further immersion and to facilitate a personal creative investigation that travels beyond the pages, we created a quarterly online offering: JANE Resources.

JANE Resources is a slow art movement support system, offering access to notes, lists, prompts, and further reading to explore the themes and theories covered in each print issue. A place to make, create, and communicate.

 A different way to be online, JANE Resources is a meeting place for the like-minded to expand their creative practice, integrating or investigating individually or as a community.

JANE Resources will be updated each quarter and will explore a particular theme that stems directly from the overarching message of the current print issue.

Resources will include:

A reading list
A list of books for the self, the soul, and the society, as recommended by us.
Read them all. Read one. Read at your own pace.

A list of conceptual instructions and reminders
A place to make
Theoretical ideas, instructions, and reminders that you may or may not like to enact as a way to encourage an exploration of creative intention through practices that connect you back to yourself.
Practise them figuratively or literally.

24.36: an exercise in eventual exposures
A place to create
A list of things to take photographs of. Take them on film, take them on your phone. The medium doesn’t really matter; the point is to create instinctually.

Creative prompts and interpretative interviews
A place to communicate

i.                A list of interviews with members of the JANE extended family. Conversations about creativity and intention.

ii.               A downloadable set of questions for you to complete as part of your own personal creative practice.

Overarching themes explored in issue six that will be available for further investigation through JANE Resources:                   

The Soul Kitchen: available now
Your true sense of being
Intuition and instinct
Things that set your soul on fire, how to hear them
Let it be, ways to ebb and flow

This quarter’s resources will explore a return to a natural state, a lesson in soul language. The lists, prompts, and further reading will encourage an exploration of creative intention through practices that connect us back to ourselves and back to the soul.

Rhythms of the Soul: December
Awareness; how to come back home, to show up for life
Ritual and the rhythms of the soul
Space to grow, time to grow
World as lover, world as self; it’s all connected